This handy item will not only air dry bulk quantities of boilies, it can also be used to rehydrate them at the swim and also useful for soaking corn, maize, peanuts etc prior to boiling.

This is particularly useful when on those long sessions abroad.

Can air dry (or soak) in excess of 20 kilos of bait.

Constructed of top quality, heavy duty black nylon mesh - not cheap polyester.

Bag measures 68 x 68 cm.

Long and strong nylon handles encircle the bag - great for hanging on tress etc.

Full zip top - to avoid boilie loss when carried.

'D' ring at the top with the tie cord - great for rehydrating boilies or soaking up particles at the swim.

Ideal crossover as a 'bass bag' for those of you who go after game fish.

Bulk Air Dry Boilie Bag £10.99